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Macy's praise did not stop there: "Ronaldinho responsible for changes in Barcelona. Barcelona has experienced a bad time, he came to Barcelona after the changes brought to the team is amazing first year, He did not win anything but people fall in love with him began soon after the trophy, mens nike air max 90  he let everyone happy. Barca should be forever grateful for what he did. " 

Messi also grateful to the former Barcelona coach Frank Rijkaard: "Sometimes I do not understand why I have not been selected or why I did not play and now I look cool,mens nike air max 90   I think he is really good for me, without any anxiety I am very grateful to Frank Rijkaard, because he knows at any time what is the best for me, which is why I have been grateful to him and all the coaching staff of the reasons. " 

For the 2006 Champions League final,nike air max 95 mens  Messi said: "I was sidelined with injuries, did not participate in the final and I am very young and I do not want to celebrate it. Then Ronaldinho, Deco, Motta gave me the trophy, so I was able to celebrate, it is really good memories and now I regret not able to more enjoy themselves on the pitch, although I do that after all. " 

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