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On Thursday, Ronaldinho use a decisive penalty helped Atletico Mineiro historic break through the semi-final Copa Libertadores final. He is now in the squad just as he had the role at Barcelona [nike air max 1 for mens microblogging] the same, such as a king. In Barcelona, ​​a television interview, talked about former Barca Messi "king" Ronaldinho, Messi Ronaldinho represents forever grateful. 

Messi said: "I always said when I first entered the locker room, and other Brazilians Ronaldinho, Deco, Sylvinho, Motta, very welcome to me, so everything has changed too easy, but the most important thing is that he, Ronaldinho because he is the star of them and I learned a lot at his side. "Barca television interview all of this will be broadcast on July 21, Ronaldinho to commemorate the 10th anniversary of signing with Barcelona. 

According to Massey said that Ronaldinho is to help him gain a foothold in the key figure in the Barcelona dressing room. "He gave me a very big help at the age of 16 into the locker room, mens air max 2013 especially with my character is definitely not easy. Ronaldinho everything becomes much easier and I am lucky to start with him I can say he is a really nice guy, this is the most important. " 

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