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Tiago transfer at issue, to keep people from Barcelona, ​​Manchester United and then shot Bayern "cut and" the entire process of ups and downs, wonderful extent as if Ibsen's plays in general. Tuesday, nike free mens uk Bayern routine press conference, Guardiola confirmed Bayern formal shot snapped Tiago. 

"Yes, I need to Tiago." Guardiola frankly replied, "I told Sammer and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, I need to Tiago and I also told them, or to buy Tiago, Either people do not buy anything, why not buy Tiago? because we need him, and if he can not come, we would not buy any player because Tiago is a super super player. " 

"Tiago can play three, four, or even five position, he is a very smart, but excellent psychological quality of the player. Generally speaking, he is not going to leave Barcelona, ​​but the problem is that he wants to play on the game, in the case of Neymar joining, he wants to play another game becomes very difficult on. "nike free mens uk Guardiola said. 

"So, we must seize this opportunity to fight to sign Tiago, I was so like Rummenigge and Sammer said." Guardiola continued, "the new season, we want to participate in six events, So I need more players, especially the players Tiago this level and I believe that his arrival will help the team, because he can play on the 6th bit, 8 bit, 10 bit, and the 7th bit. " 

"Barcelona players nobody nobody wants to leave Barcelona,  ​​only if they do not kick the ball or playing time when few would consider a move. Very strong Neymar came to Barcelona, ​​Tiago certainly want to stay in Barcelona , but let his outlook becomes very difficult. " 

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