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Barca defeat in the Champions League last season, this summer they should have a large number of fresh blood tonic, but so far, the club's summer transfer still make ends meet, only high-discount nike air max 90 profile signings landing Neymar one person, but to leave their teams have Muniesa Abidal and Villa, Bojan abundance Tasman nor regression, but continue drifting. Villa after leaving the team, people are speculating who will be the next to leave Barcelona player, media that teenager Tiago, most likely, but Barca while also identifying acquisition candidates, to ensure that the team's strength has been improved. 

Real Madrid in the transfer market action methodical, it appears that the slow progress of Barcelona, ​​the new season's draw meeting, the club president Russell or even because of the transfer operation and become a media object of pursuit, in order to avoid the media, "interrogation", Russell even once fled into the ladies room. This is just a misunderstanding, but it can be seen that some battered Rosell, if at Villa striker Neymar for fairly normal metabolism, the team in the backcourt is somewhat severe blood loss, fontas, Muniesa and Abidal are leaving the team, Vilanova needed defender has not yet been put in place, which makes Russell will inevitably become the object of media questioning. 

Tiago whether leave is another topic of media attention. discount nike air max 90 There was news that Tiago has basically reached an agreement with Manchester United, but Barca Vice Freisa has revealed that Tiago is ready and the team began preparing for the new season, the preseason when he was still at least one of Barcelona member. "We do not like to discuss other people's players, I have always stressed that we should subject him confined to his players, at least not yet farewell Tiago Barca ......" Real Madrid have not given up the chase for Tiago, but Catalonia Catalan media said he does not want to go to Real Madrid Tiago, if leave Barcelona, ​​his first choice is Manchester United, Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has been intended for Tiago out penalty, but Tiago was not grateful. 

Who to Barcelona? Catalan media have been looking forward Tiago Silva to join, Wednesday's "Daily Sport newspaper," even revealed that Barcelona have reached an agreement and Thiago Silva, who are willing to join, the only obstacle Paris Saint-Germain is willing to accept only transfer fee. Silva joined the difficult, but it is undeniable that Barca is now a great need to sign a central defender, womens nike air max 95 Carles Puyol already old, Pique state is not stable, last season's defeat to Bayern Munich, Barcelona even rely on young baltra play the leading role. Away Villa, Barcelona's management also has time to work in the back of the transfer, which is their most important transfer targets. 

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