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To be able to ensure that their time at the World Cup next year in the national team's main position, Villa chose to stay in La Liga, the Champions League can join, but needed a 9 Atletico Madrid striker. Just two clubs announced a second day of the transfer agreement, the Villa has to go to Madrid undergo a medical examination, everything goes smoothly, the only suspense is the new season, Villa's jersey number,  No. 7 Atletico currently belong Adrian Ann, a reasonable adjustment is Adrian wear Falcao left on the 9th, Villa can continue to wear his favorite number 7. Atletico already can not wait for the unveiling of the Villa, the main Xiseleizuo revealed long before he wanted to bring Villa Atletico, Villarreal was still Zaragoza player, but he chose to join Valencia, which then went to Barcelona and Atletico Madrid striker Fernando Torres has owned, Otto, Aguero and Falcao, nor the lack of superstars, led Atletico Madrid striker David Villa will become another one superstar. 

Cerezo is not worried about the state of the Villa, "'gourd' already old? I think he will kick Shanghao few seasons, he is a natural goalscorer, he just need a chance and enough appearances time. "complete Villa at super-low transfer, Cerezo and his team can also open the champagne because, as Cerezo said, quoted in all of Villa club, Atletico quote the lowest, but they eventually got the Villa. "There are a lot of domestic and foreign clubs want to sign David Villa, and we began to chase Villa from very early on, even dating back to his time at Zaragoza, the completion of this transfer is very important for the club, Atletico fans coming for him crazy. "Spanish Minister of Economy and Competitiveness Guindos is Atletico fans, he attended the meeting of the EU when it comes to fiscal Villa's transfer, the Minister also think that this is a pen highly cost-effective deal, but he believes there is still extremely competitive Villa: "He was a great player." 

Villa in an interview after the examination mentioned reasons for their choice Atletico Madrid,  the club of his longtime coach Simeone enthusiasm and confidence, so he chose the "linen legion" instead Yuanfuyinglun. Villa also thanked Barcelona: "From the first day I came to Barcelona until the last day I was there, everyone made me very welcome, and I worked for themselves the best in world football Zhezhi team effectiveness proud. "Villa said, was given the green light for him to Barcelona, ​​contributed and Atletico deal, hope to get a lot of Villa's club,  but the players they wish to join Atletico Madrid is Barcelona this make concessions, and Atletico Madrid contributed to complete the transfer price. 

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