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Economic TV put this move for Atletico Madrid Barcelona called gift, mens nike air max 90 even if the state of the Villa before, even though his contract expires next year, but if David Villa Barcelona will sell the Premier League, they will get The at least twice now. "Penalty points" column Moderator 佩德雷罗尔 even commented: "Who functioning Villa move? Should fire him!" Even within the realm of choice in La Liga, Atletico is not a good bargain the club this summer, they just lost Falcao, holding a lot of cash but no front rectifiable, this sale is tantamount to a "timely." Catalan media is also ironic Russell's deal, "the daily sports newspaper" comic big department stores and more likened CorteIngles "discount season" sale, "sell, sell, sell , 2.1 million a Villa jersey, take delivery player ...... " 

Villa's worth has shrunk from 40 million the year to today's "up to" 5.1 million, against Barcelona, ​​this is definitely a bad bargain, if the failure is the result of the failure of the Villa has Barca nod, but was Laporta in his ruling last month to complete the transaction, rather than by the new President Russell to complete the operation. Russell has been hoping the team can have more of their own imprint, Villa in the state after tibial fractures fell significantly, after returning from injury has been unable to ensure that the main location, this is a good opportunity to complete the replacement of strikers. But away Villa, ushered younger Neymar does not mean that the Barcelona striker has completed a reorganization, the two are not the same style. of players, while Barcelona between the Villa and Sanchez chose the latter, in fact, two states equally unstable. 

The only positive aspect of this transfer is that this transfer to Barcelona can ease the pressure on wages, mens nike air max 90 three years ago, Villa's contract had provided that if the contract period of the last year of Beriah did not move, he can get additional 4000000 Europe's "loyalty bonus", coupled with his basic annual salary of 7 million after-tax, if Barcelona leave Villa, the new season is their single "Gourd Doll" The payroll is a staggering figure. In Barcelona, ​​the just-concluded season, the Council established the new ruling phalanx that further control operating costs, salaries can not guarantee playing time of the Villa leave imperative. Review Villa in Barcelona three years, he played 119 times for the ball team scored 48 goals, nike air max 95 mens which also includes a key goal in the Champions League final, Barcelona Villa to join once let the world's best attacking football strong team, but he also realized his Barca's Champions League dreams, we can say the experience of David Villa at Barcelona does not fail, his farewell just lost time. 

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