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Neymar join, leave Villa, Barcelona striker another newcomer wins in old people, nike air max 1 for mens and even the Brazilian media began to worry about Neymar's future, because, since the player Messi began its transition to the middle after which a player had also failed to have can perfectly coexist and Lionel Messi. At least in the data and the final fate of view, Macy's partner, Barcelona on the 9th spell was cast a center from Samuel Eto'o, Zlatan to Villa, who failed to hospice here. 

Globo sports a comic figure filled the embarrassment of Barcelona, ​​Messi was crowded in front of the trash out of Barcelona striker Neymar will have to face the unknown future. Trash players include: Eto'o, Zlatan, Bojan, Cuenca, Afellay and Villa, there had been high hopes for signings, but also from the La Masia youth academy youth , there was a team to create a hero of the times, they have in common is shrouded in the shadow of Messi, and ultimately no one can become the perfect partner and Lionel Messi. 

Macy's career has been on the rocket upward trend, almost every season goals can hit a new high, with Messi, Barca have the world football's most powerful offensive weapons, but also let them into an embarrassment, that in recent years has become increasingly dependent on Messi Barca serious,nike air max 1 for mens  Macy's partner can only have one season to play well, after which it fell into the spell. If Eto'o expelled more out of discipline factors, several Macy's partner leave behind is more tactical reasons, Ibra and Messi serious conflict in position, so that even the end of the quarter final stage can not play, the Swedes leave bad comments after Barcelona continue, but also that he had not happy here. 

Villa worked with Lionel Messi, Pedro powerful attack force composed of "MVP" combination of three cooperative is the pinnacle of the Champions League final a person scored a goal, mens air max 2013 but now Villa completely lost its former sharp. Messi on the pitch last season, Villa criticism by the media repeatedly broadcast lens, but as they are not one and the proof, in order to ensure that the World Cup on the main position, Villa choose transfer, arrival and Billy Neymar Asia's departure, also said Mingbiliya here last season does not really enjoyable. 

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