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AC Milan [microblogging] owner Silvio Berlusconi's case has been continued, asics gel excel 33 sale "sex scandal" case is sensation, and now the Italian court handed down its verdict, Berlusconi young girls forced into prostitution because of extortion and sentenced to seven years' imprisonment .

Today, Milan area fourth trial court sentenced the accused criminals, asics gel noosa tri 7 sale   former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi seven years' imprisonment. The AC Milan now have a President who was accused of extortion and forced prostitution young girls, and specific cases that once the "Ruby Gate", when Berlusconi and the 17-year-old Moroccan prostitute sexual relations and lead to Court investigation. In the case during the trial, the Italian government has just passed Monti on anti-corruption amendment Berlusconi's extortion violates the bill.

Berlusconi has been banned now control travel, men's nike free run 2  the judge also announced today that former Italian Prime Minister for the series of decisions during the ban, Milan court will proceed with the allegations of extortion against Berlusconi. According to Monti government before the release of the amendment is to force Berlusconi's behavior. Currently about Berlusconi's verdict will be issued within 90 days, women's nike free run 3 but he also needs to claims court costs, in addition to the court also mandatory forfeiture Ruby come from items where Berlusconi, the current Ruby and her friend Lucca - asics gel noosa tri 8 sale Rizzo together are involved in investigations.

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