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Although Allegri would like to introduce Astori has been two years time, and youth origin, he also helped the team, but the "whole market" is still in the review,  womens nike free run said last night, if we acquire Astori , then the error will be a time at the correct transaction. "The market", said: "This transaction is the answer will be negative because the two before the summer Astori come, he can mate Alessandro Nesta and Silva, and then replace them, but now the Zapatistas and the combination of Philippe Mexes will not change in the new season, came after Astori may just be a substitute choice, and he's worth 10 million euros also, almost two years ago, twice the other hand, Do not forget to AC Milan Bonera had also re-signed,  womens nike free run 3 as well as Salomon and Vergara two young men, and possibly leave the team Zaccardo. "

In Astori outside Galliani hopes to Qieli Nuo bought there Cagliari player is satisfied England Golan Belgian midfielder. And just yesterday, Qieli Nuo has satisfied English Golan price, "the whole market," said the long reach

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