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Wherever you go, Galliani will attract attention, womens nike free 3.0 v2 because he even go on vacation, it is possible for AC Milan [microblogging] bring new aid, such as the recent days Galliani to Sardinia, the Italian media that the His goal is Italian international midfielder Tiewei Astori satisfied Britain and Belgium Golan.

"Galliani in Sardinia, this can not be used as the title of the novel,  nike lunarglide 4 ireland  but it can be a new historical transfer market segments." "The market" used such words to describe AC ​​Milan vice-president of this trip is important. It is understood that, in addition to appearing in Sardinia with Galliani addition, there will be the main Xiluodituo Lazio and Cagliari main Xiqielinuo, so in this resort, there will be a lot of field memories, nike roshe run mens and Galliani clearly more hope and Qieli Nuo talks.

According to "Corriere della Sera" revealed the news, nike free run 3 womens AC Milan's first goal is to Cagliari defender Astori. 26-year-old Italian international is currently Brazil's Confederations Cup campaign, he had worked in AC Milan youth academy played for about five years time, and from AC Milan to join Cagliari, he worked in the hands Allegri effect Therefore, the introduction in the back on the past two years Allegri are very optimistic about him. "Gazzetta dello Sport" also confirmed that Astori is Galliani's first acquisition in Sardinia,men's nike free run 2  of course, Galliani's work takes time, the talks will continue for some time, but he also needs to sell off Robinho [microblogging], Boateng and others to raise funds.

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