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"Milan News" Keisuke Honda You Jia League talking about the possibility,nike cortez trainers cheap  in addition to his almost 0 worth the price advantage, but also that for the current Zhezhi AC Milan, for both technical and tactical system or economic status is concerned, Keisuke Honda are regarded as a perfect 10 players, not only to help the team in the game, but also the club can also open its behind the commercial market. The site is considered as the world's highest recognition within the scope of one of the clubs, AC Milan if the introduction of Japanese popular star, is likely to bring the commercial market a series of positive feedback (jersey sales, sponsors and fans to attract Japanese Stadium ballpark). Therefore, AC Milan should Tevez and Keisuke Honda both of them carefully chosen: the same non-EU players, the former is currently worth the high side,nike free run 2 cheap  if you want to introduce, AC Milan may also be forced to sell Chaaraoui exchange funds; while Keisuke Honda is much cheaper, and many people are optimistic that he and Thabo Narayan offensive combinations.

Sky Sports transfer market expert Lucca - Marchetti for Keisuke Honda views and Peiduliya basically the same, mens nike roshe run he thinks the Japanese will be the meat and potatoes of the transfer market this summer: "There is no doubt that Honda Keisuke lot of teams will be the introduction of goal, I do not know if other teams have been in close contact with him started, but I think AC Milan greatest likelihood of success. "" slow motion "also revealed that the current Japanese coach Zaccheroni Galliani also strongly recommended to his own disciples. Although AC Milan Tevez is still the first choice, nike free 3.0 v4 mens but its worth is higher, and also from Juventus [microblogging] other teams competing are not financially strong Rossoneri want to win considerable difficulty . Once Galliani determined to abandon the Argentines,  nike free run 3 uk then Keisuke Honda will be just around the corner. (

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