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Middle of this month, the Italian media had exposed AC Milan [microblogging] asics gel kayano 18 canada interested in signing Japanese midfielder Keisuke Honda, CSKA Moscow of the latter and the contract will expire in December this year. But with Tevez and the Rossoneri are getting closer and Keisuke Honda of non-EU players identity, which is rumored no further. However, due to the Japanese team's performance in the Confederations Cup, AC Milan signed him on voice came out. This time, "Corriere dello Sport," said the two sides have been very close.

In the "Corriere dello Sport", the "whole market" also talked about AC Milan and Keisuke Honda getting close, but they are reported in this message also acknowledged, Keisuke Honda is not the first choice of AC Milan. In Colombia, the young defender Vergara after joining Galliani only want to rest a non-EU player quota reserved for Tevez, but the premise is the Argentines can succeed Apennine landing. But then again, Keisuke Honda, who does have a very attractive advantages 2:00 AC Milan: 1, the Japanese will be December 31 after a free agent, so CSKA Moscow certainly will not make expensive; 2, the position of the field Keisuke Honda is a playmaker, taking into account the change team formation (from the 4-3-3 to 4-3-1-2), Keisuke Honda's ability to meet this position move the ball as well as the work of his teammates conveying shells, Allegri surely that can use him;

However, there is a premise to complete the deal, asics gel nimbus 14 womens  which must be sold Boateng AC Milan. The latter is currently the Rossoneri playmaker, but obviously the club would like to send him to leave this summer. Also to mention is that if Honda successfully joined, then he is hidden behind AC Milan potential sponsors also very high value point. Famous Italian transfer market expert Peiduliya Comments AC Milan in trying to introduce Keisuke Honda, said: "This matter is not so easy, it may take several months to complete the event. Keisuke Honda and AC Milan mutual attract , are very much like the deal, but Galliani need Keisuke Honda and Carlos Tevez to choose between the Japanese wages are not high, relatively speaking, about 300 million euros, the Rossoneri is entirely can accept; and tactical level is needed now that AC Milan player look at the Confederations Cup with the Italian team in his game performance of it, no one doubted his strength. Overall, this is a good deal; summer either completed or in January. "

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