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Balotelli missed the game against Spain to determine,asics shoes canada   Montolivo's situation remains in an unknown stage, but AC Milan [microblogging] players even worse is right back Abate, a dislocated shoulder, he will return to Italy for treatment, which may sidelined two months let AC Milan had to start for the new season to start a new plan.

"The market", said Abate have definitely missed the remaining games of the Confederations Cup, even Italy, Spain, reached the finals, AC Milan flying wing can not play, so he would leave early in Brazil, returned to Italy, and then just start treated to a speedy recovery. But even so, Abarth also injured about 45-60 days, nearly two months. Although there is only the end of June, but the Abarth still affect the injury to the AC Milan this summer, cleaning and disposal work.

Last season, the beginning of the season Abarth poor performance was sold once heard the news, he also said that 俄罗斯泽尼特 club AC Milan to send the offer, but was rejected Galliani. By the latter part of the season, Abate re-occupy the main position, he and Technip Leo, Constant Allegri backs position in the most important three players. Abate injured, Allegri can only rely on the Technip Leo and Constant. But it is worth noting that, in the end of August Abarth before injury, AC Milan also need to face the Champions League qualifying test, two rounds of competition will be August 20-21 and August 27-28 basis, so Abate may be difficult to catch up.

"Milan News" analysis pointed out that in the current circumstances, womens asics gel excel 33 Allegri is likely to stay on the contract expires this month veteran Antonini, the 30-year-old star salary is not high, it can be said that a qualified bench, back after Abate, Antonini few people can also serve as a substitute, in the left and right sides are very practical. In addition, in January this year, comes from Parma loan Zaccardo, the former Italian international can play the middle can also play fullback, will be a good choice. Of course, "the market" means that people are not excluded from AC Milan to buy or to enable young people to the possibility, but there is no clear candidate.

Although the crew backs a little nervous, but once it is determined that the left 后卫埃马纽 Mickelson could not stay with the team, from the back of the Dutch Premier League loan are looking for new ideas, "the market" means that he may join the Turin team , and he could not avoid relegation this season will be a success in Turin, a very important supplement.

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