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Beijing at 21:30 on May 11 (German local time 15:30), nike air max 1 canada Bundesliga [microblogging] penultimate two nine games while kickoff, Dortmund away 3 3 level Wolfsburg. Bender opened the scoring, but lost the next 12 minutes Dott three goals, Jiujiang Perisic scored twice. Before the whistle, Royce with two cities Savior. Bayer Leverkusen 3-0 home a victory Hanover; Schalke at home 1 to 2 negative Stuttgart; Bremen 1 to 1 level home in Frankfurt; Hamburg 4 to 1 victory away to Hoffenheim; Borussia away 4 2 wins Mainz ; Dusseldorf home 1 to 2 negative Nuremberg; Fuerth home 1 to 2 negative Freiburg.

Last week's draw with Borussia Dortmund Bayern [microblogging] [microblogging], the end of the league six-game winning streak, most of the main discharge Klopp, only Buwashiqi Khodorkovsky and Subotic bench, cell policy also In recuperate. Wolfsburg after eight games unbeaten, the last home defeat to Borussia Dortmund in May 12, 2009, Dzeko scored twice, then three-game losing streak at home against Dott, has three goals conceded per game.

The opening five minutes, Shaheen right foot oblique hanging free kick penalty area, Sven - Bend 5 meters away from the door left foot Tui past the keeper to score the 1-0. Wolfsburg tied the score after 14 minutes, Olic grab defensive mistakes, restricted the right to cross to the other side to knock, Perisic left foot forward Buddhism, the first goal is to break the old club Wolfsburg goal, a ratio 1, Perisic by Santana collision injuries, nike air max 90 canada but still remain in the field.

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