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This feeling as if we had won the championship, "asics gel noosa tri 8 womens After the game, Dortmund coach Klopp said after a while, after a dramatic reversal, Dortmund eliminated Malaga successfully advanced to the semifinals.

Now we have both a disappointing team, but also a lucky team. For the team's performance, I obviously did not expect to, so far, this is our worst performance in the Champions League game. Malaga can easily conduct for our defense, the second half, even though we tried to perform. better, but the opponent's performance is too smart. They reduced the pace of the game, quietly waiting for us to attack. This is obviously not easy, after the emergence of two incredible moments. Of course, look at the two games, our performance deserved win promotion.

I can not explain exactly what happened to me, I think I need to go to a doctor to see. asics onitsuka tiger canada I feel like we've won the championship, of course, if you just follow the team that played tonight, we obviously can not afford to win the Champions League. But if we can play to their abilities, and has such a passion tonight, we can perform. better. After the game, in the locker room, assistant coach and I have said, this is simply crazy, this is by far, and I can feel the most wonderful moment.

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