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Xinhua News Agency in Paris on July 30 sports news (reporter Shang Xu) last season, nike free 4.0 v3 womens the French Football League (Ligue) third team on the 30th Lyon 1-0 victory at home to last season's Swiss Super League (Allsvenskan) Runner Grasshoppers Zurich team (Grasshopper Zurich), in the 2013-2014 UEFA Champions League (Champions League) third qualifying round upper hand.

As the new season Ligue not war, Lyon is very slow. Has been put into the new season teams fighting Grasshoppers presence of the surface is more an advantage, constantly in Lyon backcourt create a threat, so that Lyon goalkeeper and defender sweat again and again.

The second half, the game gradually returning runner-up last season's Ligue control. 63 minutes, nike free 5.0 mens Lyon Serbian 后卫比塞瓦奇 (M. Bisevac) with a header knocked Grasshoppers team's door. Lyon home and away teams in the implementation of the Champions League third qualifying round upper hand.

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