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UEFA officially announced that Turkey's Fenerbahce and Besiktas because of match-fixing allegations,  nike free run 2 sale will be met in European competition was suspended punishment.

UEFA Disciplinary Committee announced that Fenerbahce will be suspended for three years in the European arena, including two years with effect from next season (including the denial of the 2013-14 season Fenerbahce Champions League qualifier seats), the third year suspended five year of implementation.

Fenerbahce in the Turkish Super League giants, with Galatasaray competition last season, won the league. Turkish giants in recent years, which is part of this second expelled the European arena,  nike free run 2 sale tlast is the 2011-12 season's Champions League, Fenerbahce also banned entry, the causes of match-fixing scandal.

UEFA official statement said: "The Disciplinary Committee has carefully analyzed the case of Fenerbahce and Besiktas, and have come to the penalty decision: Besiktas will be prohibited from participating in the 2013-14 season of the European League, Fenerbahce was barred from participating in the next three seasons of World War tournament (if they qualify), including the 2013-14 season's Champions League, where the third season of the ban will be suspended for five years executed. "

In addition, UEFA also announced Steaua Bucharest in Romania to participate in the war in Europe a year ban imposed penalties, because the latter are eligible to participate in the Champions League when irregularities.

For the UEFA punishment, Fenerbahce has already said they will appeal.  nike free run 3 uk It is reported that the ban vacated Fenerbahce Champions League qualifying places will be Turkey's Bursaspor team get replaced, while Besiktas Europa League qualification, obtained by the replacement Qasim Pasadena team.

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