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nike lunarspider lt+ 3 sale,

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Today 19:30, the first round of the AFC Champions League group stage matches will continue, Super [microblogging] on behalf of Guizhou Renhe [microblogging] nike lunarspider lt+ 3 sale will crack Kashiwa Reysol vs. Japan. Surprisingly, the AFC's official website announced before Cleo's name not on the list, according to the latest information received in front of reporters: Cleo and tonight will play. AFC trouble Oolong list, the list is the initial list, there is no update. 

Cleo powerhouse of the season on loan to Japan Kashiwa Reysol, wearing jersey No. 11, but in this AFC today updated registration information before the media and did not list the name of Cleo, South Korea defender Jinchang Zhu also not among them. The only two foreign aid is Brazilian Leandro - Dominguez and Jorge - Wagner. 

This list before the game against the AFC, Sina sports club Kashiwa Reysol immediately find verified, the team press officer Masaaki Kawahara said: "The Cleo and South Korean foreign aid are in the 18-man squad, the AFC's official website announced was among the first list because foreign aid Joined later than the other players, so the official website did not timely updates. Kashiwa Reysol total of 19 players in China, nike lunarspider lt+ 2 sale  this two-day tactical training has been conducted around Cleo. "

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