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And our impression of the kind of attention to mass cut traditional Japanese League teams than it Kashiwa Reysol's style. in Japan, more alternative league,  nike free run 2 sale the team forward pass and lob relatively a lot, but also more attention to the impact of a long pass. According to the human race in Japan, seen Kashiwa Reysol coach told reporters, Kashiwa Reysol attack significantly stronger than the defense, as long as they are able to withstand the attack, and have a chance. The key is in the defense to limit Kashiwa Reysol midfielder two Brazilian player play. 

Kashima only lost 0-1 lost three arrows Japanese Super Cup Kashiwa Reysol recent state has been poor. From Hengda [microblogging] Transfer of foreign aid Cleo [microblogging] run with the team is not yet complete. Yesterday, the reporter had tried to interview on the sidelines of Cleo,cheap nike free run 3  but Cleo dignified look and walked away shaking his head. 

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