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For Guizhou Renhe, there is today a key, cheap nike air max 1 that is until this year to join the foreign aid Misimovic. 

Recently, the state of Bosnia-Herzegovina is not a good captain, and even missed the team a warm-up. At yesterday's press conference, Sun Jihai said, the team from the early to the present, Missy lost 10 pounds. This is conceivable that when he first came to the body is a kind of situation, but as a senior man said, as long as Missy can come up with was in Europe sixty percent of the state, you can "ping times" Asia it. 

A human player also told reporters that although Michiel physical condition is not good, but on the training ground from the impact point and speed of his passing can see does have star Fan children. Sun Jihai also said: "Missy resume doubt. Beginning came to the team, I felt no biographical come so luxurious, but the preparation period he trained very hard, and I as a teammate and captain, confidence in him,  nike air max 90 cheap I believe, He will have a good performance in the game's. " 

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