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adidas superstar 2 sale,

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Super League last season, and the boss was defeated 2-1 adidas superstar 2 sale at home in the team Hengda sold 10 million after a record amply rewarded. This season, for the first time reached the AFC and restored the rational, which means that there will be no threw tens of millions of madness. Previously, the AFC announced by the home and prize distribution program was "310", which won the award three million home, flat 1 million, losing impunity. 

However, in order to encourage competitiveness in the team away, Guizhou Renhe Away Bonus Plan is set at "520", ie away win awards 5000000, 1000000 flat, losing the same impunity. If the team is able to win the group, but also receive an additional 8,000,000 of qualifying award. You know, the Super League champions Hengda AFC qualifying prize was 6,000,000. Want to use huge sums of money to stimulate the players, salomon speedcross 3 sale away win Kashiwa Reysol mind all too clear. 

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