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adidas js wings 2.0 sale,

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26 pm, adidas js wings 2.0 sale when the Guizhou Renhe battle with Kashiwa Reysol in a press conference after the end of Guiyang Olympic Sports Center, Kashiwa Reysol team press officer Masaaki Kawahara told reporters repeatedly verified, "the coach is just right Guizhou home win prize 3000000 do? This is comparable to us several times more. "When I told him, after undergoing the bonus plan, He is the original Masaaki mouth fell open in surprise ...... 

Although this was the second to China last year, he joined Masaaki Kawahara Kashiwa Reysol been to Guangzhou. But to hear these astronomical figures, Masaaki Kawahara still somewhat stunned, "this kind of thing can not happen in the J League." Japan Press officer, said AFC group stage Kashiwa Reysol won every prize is not much, probably an average of 50 million yen (about 34,000 yuan), so doing the team total prize money will be 600,000 yuan. "We are in the J League team spends too much, Urawa Reds is our twice Kashiwa Reysol club has a long-term development plan." Kashiwa Reysol in 2011 dominated the Japanese J-League, Emperor's Cup champions for the 2012 season and League Sixth, the results still relatively stable. 

For the Super League, Masaaki Kawahara somewhat flattering comments, "I feel super getting better, increasing the level of the team, adidas superstar 2.5 sale for soccer this project requires patience and more time." 

Kawara is Minter to the reporter asked about the Sun Jihai Sun Jihai is not only China's first landing Premiership player, but a decade ago, Sun Jihai in the Premiership, but representatives of Asian players in the Japanese football has a high visibility. For Sun Jihai 36-year-old "old age" also stick with football, Masaaki Kawahara considered to be a miracle, "as long as love, you can stay, 46-year-old Miura is also still good kick." 

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