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Bolivia President threatened to close the US Embassy

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Bolivia President Evo Morales is considered down United States Embassy in La Paz, which is the fake oakley wholesale latest waves of snow event is raised.Morales, 4th angrily said, "we will examine whether there is a need to close United States resident Bolivia Embassy.We don't need the United States Embassy ... ... In the absence of United States cases, our political and democratic change for the better. ”He is the audience, including some Latin American leaders say those words. The Latin American leaders visiting Bolivia, Morales was to plane on suspicion of ' piggy-United States Leaker snow were mac cosmetics wholesale forced to bypass a common expression of outrage.Morales is the United States violent critics of the foreign policy, notably in Latin America. When the former coca grower was a member of the farmers ' Association, have accepted United States intense bloody confrontation trained drug enforcement officers.On Wednesday after the plane incident, Bolivia President Evo Morales was still convey the anger of the world's information. After finally arrive in cheap ray bans this capital city of La Paz, Morales said that led to a serious diplomatic crisis countries "an apology alone is not enough".Morales noted that the events of "is not a coincidence, is not an error but to intimidate Bolivia and Latin America policy-part of the people".He said: "our sins because we are indigenous and anti-imperialist, so we challenged all economic policy will only lead to poverty and misery. ”Morales, in Europe there are still countries in the United States regrets the groveling before the policy.

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