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Fashion leader Beats By Dre Headphones

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By the European and American famous singer, rapper and entrepreneur home Dr. Dre The Beats By Dre Headphones handedly created series since been produced since the influx of people competing sought, in appearance and professionalism are dual aspects of a good performance. Recently introduced a new generation Beats by Dr.Dre headphones, in terms of quality, innovation and design will be elevated to a higher level. The new headset can be precisely adjusted with a custom BAE beat sound, the use of lighter materials, increase strength, improve flexibility and mobility and 20-hour rechargeable lithium-ion batteries also allow people to experience a more lasting visual enjoyment .

Studio Dr Dre Headphones Monster also uses a so-called Adaptive Noise Canceling, it starts automatically with headphones on, rely on the built-in rechargeable battery, charging intervals of up to 20 hours. This feature has two modes: one is listening to music on the other is not listening to music when they can open the enhanced mode, largely isolated from outside noise for the user want to use. Last month, I flew to Aspen, Colorado, held Fortune's Brainstorm Tech Conference on flights, Studio will be approximately 80% of the engines cut off from outside noise, and this has been my journey one of the most annoying things. But it seems not very useful Vocal: Last night I was upstairs apartment quarrel, this headset not been able to filter out much quarreling voices.

With previously launched several cheap beats by dre headphones compared to the latest Studio regarded as a major upgrade for. It is focused on the performance of the bass - after all, this is the Studio headphones - so reproduction Robin Sigg (the famous American R & B singer) in "Blurred Lines" kind of contemporary music is very handy. However, the ratio has been reduced bass, treble the proportion has increased, so that it is in the performance of contemporary music and classical music soundtrack is also good, although the details of the reduction which had been inadequate. In contrast, Beyerdynamic $ 395, second-hand folded DT990 headphones able to output a broader and more detailed sound, even Edward Elgar's "E minor Cello Concerto" in a beautiful cello sound can hear very clearly Chu.

Interior also made substantial improvements. The company features a distinctive sound has been a plus people either love, or disgust unbearable. It is often at the expense of the midrange and treble, too much emphasis on bass, created a people head straight loud buzzing sound. This tone for hip-hop, rap music, and now many shortlisted 40 best singles of music is very suitable, but not other types of music on it. For example, I found that beats solo hd headset sound is more turbid, even play my favorite pop music as well.

Nowadays the most popular brand of headphones is probably the Beats Headphones, whether the star or the influx of people are very enthusiastic about this brand of headphones.

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