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oracle login的设置

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define _editor=D:\program file\UltraEdit-32\Uedit32.exe
REM turn off the terminal output - make it so SQLPlus does not 
REM print out anything when we log in 
set termout off 
REM default your editor here. SQLPlus has many individual settings 
REM This is one of the most important ones 
REM define _editor=vi 
define _editor=C:\Program Files\Notepad++\notepad++.exe 
REM serveroutput controls whether your DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE calls 
REM go into the bit bucket (serveroutput off) or get displayed 
REM on screen. I always want serveroutput set on and as big 
REM as possible - this does that. The format wrapped elements 
REM causes SQLPlus to preserve leading whitespace - very useful 
set serveroutput on size 1000000 format wrapped 
REM Here I set some default column widths for commonly queried 
REM columns - columns I find myself setting frequently, day after day 
column object_name format a30 
column segment_name format a30 
column file_name format a40 
column name format a30 
column file_name format a30 
column what format a30 word_wrapped 
column plan_plus_exp format a100 
REM by default, a spool file is a fixed width file with lots of 
REM trailing blanks. Trimspool removes these trailing blanks 
REM making the spool file significantly smaller  
set trimspool on 
REM LONG controls how much of a LONG or CLOB sqlplus displays 
REM by default. It defaults to 80 characters which in general 
REM is far too small. I use the first 5000 characters by default 
Set long 5000 
REM This sets the default width at which sqlplus wraps output. 
REM I use a telnet client that can go upto 131 characters wide - 
REM hence this is my preferred setting. 
set linesize 131 
REM SQLplus will print column headings every N lines of output 
REM this defaults to 14 lines. I find that they just clutter my 
REM screen so this setting effectively disables them for all 
REM intents and purposes - except for the first page of course 
set pagesize 9999 
REM here is how I set my signature prompt in sqlplus to 
REM > I use the NEW_VALUE concept to format 
REM a nice prompt string that defaults to IDLE (useful for those 
REM of you that use sqlplus to startup their databases - the 
REM prompt will default to idle> if your database isn't started) 
define gname=idle 
column global_name new_value gname 
select lower(user) || || 
substr( global_name, 1, decode( dot, 
0, length(global_name), 
dot-1) ) global_name 
from (select global_name, instr(global_name,'.') dot 
from global_name ); 
set sqlprompt '[&gname]# ' 
REM and lastly, we'll put termout back on so sqlplus prints 
REM to the screen 
set termout on

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