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China KOSUN machinery profile and strength -4

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Being the first professional manufacturer of Solid Control System in China, Kosun is a vital part of the world’s hydrocarbon exploration and production industry, as well as one of top three Solids Control equipment suppliers in China.

Kosun Solids Control equipments & systems, Kosun waste management equipments, and its turn-key ecommerce solutions play important roles in rigs for drilling and serving Oil-Gas, Geothermy, Shale gas and Coal Bed Methane, construction, etc. Kosun supply its products for CNPC, CNOOC ,HH, Gazprom, RG, NOV, etc. for a long time.

Chinese Kosun shearing pump

kosun shearing pump – Solids Control Equipment

After 21 years of development, Xian KOSUN now has six holding companies both in China and abroad, their roles and scopes are:

5. KOSUN Kazakhstan Machinery Co., Ltd.,

Established in 2010, and registered in Kazakhstan. It has 52 employees. The company owns a 10,000 m2 workshop for solids control equipments manufacturer in Aktobe, Kazakhstan, being available to provide solids control units, drilling waste units, MCC room, assembly of the system from China, and maintenance service for KOSUN equipments in Middle Asia and Russia. In the meantime, the company possesses three warehouses in Aktobe and Zhanazhol oil field front line with various solid control equipments and accessories to meet the requirements of oilfield well-drilling customers at any time, which improves the service efficiency.

6. Indonesia KOSUN Energy Service Co., Ltd.,

Founded in 2011, is registered in Indonesia and counts 5 employees,Indonesia KOSUN Oil Field Service Co., Ltd. mainly provides various services including drilling fluids, gas well fluid materials and system design, provides solutions and engineering services for drillingwastes management for petroleum industries in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, and provides waste processing and screening services for petroleum, municipal engineering and other industries. Meanwhile, as the sales and after-sales service company of KOSUN in Indonesia, Indonesia KOSUN Oil Field Service Co., Ltd. takes charge of the business development and after-sales service of its products in Indonesia and Southeast Asia aiming at its strengthening and developing.

kosun sand pumping machine

kosun sand pump for sale

III. Core Competitiveness and Sustainability of KOSUN

1. KOSUN has gained certain popularity in Chinese and international markets with its improving brand value through 21 years’ development. With its extensive professional experience in solid control equipment, it is, so far, the main integrator and exporter of complete drilling mud solid control system in China, and ranks the leading position in the fields of design and manufacture of high frequency vibrating screens for oil field, centrifuges, mud cleaners, vacuum degassers, sand pumps, stirrers and mud tanks etc. Meanwhile, It also provides drilling mud treatment services during oil and gas field exploitation in China. Also KOSUN Drilling Waste Management technology is a new and advanced technology in Chinese new area; it has a big potential market.

2. KOSUN adheres to the technological development strategy of high starting point, high investment as well as high quality and has been researching and developing on the cost of 3-5% of annual sales revenue over the years, and trained a professional research and development team leading the industry. KOSUN established KOSUN Solid Control Machinery Research Center on the basis of cooperating with professors and senior experts from China University of Petroleum, Xi’an Shiyou University and CEI. KOSUN Research Center is divided into four groups since being established, undertaking researches on forward-looking technology, core technology and key technology and tasks of new product development separately, and running performance appraisal salary system, which developed its strong competitiveness.

3. In recent years, while providing international standards solid control equipments and services, KOSUN starts to step into drilling services, well drilling, well workover, mud services, HDD services, well wastes management and environmental care. KOSUN will definitely achieve its strategy of sustainable development with the improvement of these industries.

As an international brand, KOSUN devotes itself to create company management model with vitality, developing and innovating technological equipment for oil and gas field, developing as well as providing products and services of the best quality with great enthusiasm. KOSUN looks forward to negotiating with peers both in china and abroad to build a brighter future of petroleum industry together.

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