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jaw crusher

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energy saving jaw crusher for sale 
 ,Now we have domestic top ranking production equipments and precise testing instrument, each process of products is strictly inspected to guarantee

 the products to achieving high ex-factory standard. Besides, we cooperate with many famous universities and scientific research institutions, so that can make technical warrantee for the
 products in it's developing, updating and improving.
jaw crusher ,a crusher machine used for primary and secondary crushing all kinds of minerals and rocks with compressive strength less than 320 MPa.

According to information statistics,in recent years,as China's economic construction and the all-round development of infrastructure construction,the need for sands is also more and more strong,quarrying and ore crushing industry has obtained the breakthrough development. When the jaw crusher industry in the face of a huge space for development,at the same time, also faces more challenges. 

In this situation,the jaw crusher is a new mining machinery equipment.It has adopted the World-class crushing technology and manufacturing technology,using high quality steel and the overall steel frame. structure.The jaw crusher has great advantages on the production efficiency,service life, repair rate and failure rate.
Jaw crusher is a kind crushing equipment used for ore crushing and secondary crushing,it is suitable for primary and secondary crushing all kinds of minerals and rocks with compressive strength less than 320 MPa.Jaw crusher is widely used in mining, building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy and so on.
At present, jaw crusher form. Great Wall heavy industry is with high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection advantages won the favor of customers,becoming the first selection of high hardness ore crushing equipment,the jaw crusher not only improve the efficiency of ore crushing and the use effect, promote the development of the ore crushing processing,also contributed to building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, refractory materials, etc. The development of relevant industries. 

Jaw CrusherUsage and application

This jaw crusher machine is widely used in mining, building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy and so on. It is 

suitable for primary and secondary crushing all kinds of minerals and rocks 
with compressive strength less than 320 MPa.

jaw crusher Working Principle

The belt and belt pulley are driven by a motor, and the movable jaw moves up and down via eccentric shaft. The angle between fixed jaw and movable jaw becomes smaller when the movable 
jaw runs down, then the materials are crushed into pieces, it becomes bigger when the movable jaw runs up. The movable jaw plate leaves the the fixed jaw plate under the action of tension
 rod and spring, then the end products come out from the crushing cavity.

jaw cruhser Features

1. Simple structure, convenient maintenance.

2. High crushing ratio, even output granularity.

3. High reliability, low investment.

4. Low noise, less dust.

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