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Vibrating Feeder

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Vibrating Feeder Usage and Application

The Vibrating Feeder can send shaped and granule materials into receiving equipment evenly, timely and continuously. It can feed the crusher continuously and classify the materials primarily in sand making and stone crushing line. Vibrating Feeder is widely used in crushing and screening in the industry of metallurgy, building material, chemical industry, coal mining and abrasive material.

Vibrating Feeder Working Principle

Vibrating feeder is consisted of feeding chute, vibrator, spring shoe, driving device etc. The vibration source for the vibrating feeding of the chute is vibrator, the vibrator consists of two eccentric shafts ( one active, one passive) and the wheel gear, . The motor drives the active shaft by the v-belt, the upper gear wheel mesh drives the passive shaft, then the two shafts contrarotate at the same time to vibrate the chute, materials are transported continuously.

Great Wall Heavy Industry main products are crushers, grinding mills, other equipments for stone production line, sand making line and grinding mill plant,  as well as building construction equipments. 

1.Crusher series

Jaw crusher, cone crusher, VSI sand crusher, diesel engine crusher, impact crusher, double roller crusher, hammer crusher, small crusher etc.

2.Screening equipment

Vibrating feeder, vibrating screen, sand washing machine, belt conveyor.

3.Mill series

Ball mill, vertical roller mill, Raymond mill, high pressure mill, grinding mill plant.

4.Rotary kiln, rotary dryer.

More details about the vibrating feeder pls feel free contact us.

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The ownership of all the vibrating feeder information including the photos and product specifications belongs to Great Wall Heavy Industry, If reproduced, please indicate the original source and the statement of the enterprise,  any infringement may lead to the civil,administrative or criminal responsibility.

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