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Installation Attention of Ball Mill

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Installation Attention of Ball Mill
What notice you should pay attention about the ball mill installation? Here are some suggestion from Great Wall Heavy Industry which with many years practical experience.  
1.Processing the ball mill by anti rust oil whose validity is 12 month.  
2.Install the center distance of bearing block according to the drawing, do the construction work according to the actual dimension of charging port, discharging ports and the barrel, if there is error exist.
3.The accepted error of relative level of the two bearing block is 5 mm, and the charging level should be higher than the discharging level.  
4.3 or 4 weeks before the installation of rubber liner, open the rubber roll and stretch it freely, stick it on the end cover and the inner wall of the barrel, punching it, then polishing it to smooth, stell plate sheet can be added if necessary. The gap between the liner should be no more than 10 mm.  
5.Install the big gear wheel according to the print paring mark and the set location bolt.  
6.The horizontal move distance of big gear wheel should less then 0.35mm/m, the radial one should less then 0.25mm/m   
7.The gap between the small gear wheel and the big gear wheel is 1.7245mm.
8.On load test run by Add 20%~30% steel ball and material after the succes un-load test.   
9.Run the high pressure oil pump for about 2 minutes on schedule to keep the thickness of the oil slick in a certain level when the ball mill long period of out of service.
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