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Rotary Kiln Structure Summary

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Rotary Kiln Structure Summary 
Rotary kiln is consisted of cylinder,three supporting device,driving device,flexible kiln head,kiln head sealing device and kiln tail sealing device etc.
The rotary kiln cylinder is made of high quality carbon structural steel plate,they are all automatic welded.The cylinder wall is of 18mm in thickness,and the part under tyre is of 40, 30, 30 mm, transition zone is of 20, (25, 18) mm, so as to ensure the cylinder has good rigidity. The cylinder is supported by three solid rectangular tyre supports on the three supporting device , the big gear wheel is fixed on the middle of the cylinder. The rotation of cylinder is realized through the speed regulating motor, reducer, pinion and big gear wheel.
Materials is feed into the rotary kiln from the feeding pipe on kiln tail (the high end),due to the obliquity and slow rotation of the cylinder,the materials vibrate in circle and at the same time move downward to the lower end of the rotary kiln,and they are preheated,resolved and calcined in the rotary kiln, then discharged into the cooler from the bottom of the rotary kiln head. 
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