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ORA-3115 "unsupported network datatype or representation" BINARY_DOUBLE

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今天,有个同事在查询含有BINARY_DOUBLE数据类型的字段的表时,报错,报:ORA-3115 "unsupported network datatype or representation",同事用的是PLSQL DEVELOPER,版本是10.0的版本,最后经过metalink和百度,发现很可能是安装的oracle的软件版本过低,后来一看,果然,他安装的是9i的客户端软件,随后帮他把9i客户端卸载掉,然后安装10g的客户端软件,最后再次查询,问题解决,当然64位的windows 7安装plsql developer软件需要小费一番周折,不管不麻烦,就几步而已。可以参考我的另一篇文章。
OERR: ORA-3115 "unsupported network datatype or representation" Reference Note (文档 ID 19792.1)


This is a brief reference note to show the meaning of database error "ORA-3115". It includes the error text, "Cause" and "Action" from message files for each database version from 9.2 onwards, along with search links and details of any database bug issues related to the error.


This note is intended for general audience as a starting point to check the meaning of "ORA-3115". It does not give detailed information about the error and does not give error message text for versions below 9.2 .


Error Text, Cause and Action from Message File/s for ORA-03115

Versions 9.2, 10.1, 10.2, 11.1, 11.2, 12.1 Error: ORA-03115 unsupported network datatype or representation 
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cause: Action: 

Search Links for ORA-03115

The links below can be used to locate ORA-3115 in the documentation, and to search for documents that give more information about the error.

Database Bugs Related to ORA-03115

Errors are usually due to usage, application or configuration issues but in some cases they may be caused by a bug issue. This section lists any database bugs that have been linked to error "ORA-3115" .

NB Bug Fixed Description

1834732, JDBC thin fails with ORA-3115 while trying to fetch a UROWID

1803897, Bad define conversions may fail with ORA-3115 rather than ORA-932

3880708 ORA-3001 / ORA-3115 inserting in gateway table from 8i -> 9i -> gateway

2517719, ORA-3115 from setTimestamp() in JDBC 9.2 with an 8.0 database

2118014, ORA-03115 from JDBC thin describing a table containing a TIMESTAMP based datatype

1753705, OERI:7005 / ORA-3115 querying an internal ROWID from a table

695389,, ORA-3115 replicating BLOB columns between machines

850888, ORA-3115 using TIME datatype between 32 to 64 bit connections

920055 ORA-3115 from OCI8 fetches between NT and UNIX platforms
  • '*' indicates that an alert exists for that issue.
  • '+' indicates a particularly notable issue / bug.
See Note:1944526.1 for details of other symbols used

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