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Canon EOS 70D Camera Features Review

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One of the real headline features of the Canon EOS 70D is the camera’s excellent AF performance. It is first camera to feature Dual Pixel AF technology, which is designed to improve AF speed in both video capture and Live View. To test this out, we pitted the    against one of Canon’s flagship DSLRs – the Canon EOS 5D Mark III. A quick comparison between the two – focusing at subjects both near to and far from the lens – revealed an obvious difference in speed.

The autofocus speed increase makes the snappy 5D Mark III seem positively sluggish in comparison. This is going to be great news for those who regularly use Live View and shoot videos. As it’s a technology sure to drip down the range, it’s also good news for anyone looking to buy a Canon DSLR in the next year or so. The Canon EOS 70D features a host of incremental improvements, sure please both Canon fans and enthusiast photographers alike. With the implementation of Dual Pixel AF technology in particular, the 70D sees a real leap forward in AF performance and video capture.

Canon’s new Dual Pixel CMOS AF provides swift AF performance when shooting in Live View mode and smooth accurate focus for Full HD movies. The Canon EOS 70D makes it easy for its users to take their next step with movies, enabling them to keep moving subjects in sharp focus and create professional-looking pull-focus effects. The    powerful specification is packed into an expertly-engineered body that’s designed for comfort and swift operation. A 7.7cm Vari-angle Clear View LCD II Touch screen with a sharp 1,040k dot resolution is ideal for video shooting, or composing images from creative angles. In addition the Canon EOS 70D is equipped with an Intelligent Viewfinder, with 98 per cent frame. coverage and 0.95x magnification.

The viewfinder features a collection of new graphics, most notably a trio of AF icons at the top of the display. These signify which AF mode the camera is in and, when used in conjunction with the new AF button next to the shutter release, allows seamless AF operation and adjustment. The viewfinder now also features an electronic level icon that fits seamlessly into the display. It lets you quickly check whether or not your shots are going to be level.

There’s an air of familiarity about the 70D’s body. In-hand it feels much like the EOS 60D, sharing a lot of its physical characteristics with its predecessor. The control layout is much like the model’s stalemate – the Canon EOS 700D – although it certainly feels a lot bulkier in the hand than that smaller camera. The 70D    feels robust, but as it’s made of aluminum and polycarbonate rather than the magnesium alloy of the 7D, it might not prove quite as durable as its bigger brother. Other features of the 70D that caught our eye during our hands-on were the model’s viewfinder and touchscreen.


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