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1 in the 2011 NFL Draft

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1 in the 2011 NFL Draft

The Heisman Trophy winner was projected as the player most likely to be called first and he was, by Commissioner Roger Goodell, who was repeatedly booed by fans at Radio City Music Hall.

Newton led Auburn

 to an undefeated season and it first national championship since 1957. Carolina was 214 last year, using four quarterbacks, two of them rookies.

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"Man, it's a great feeling to be up here," said Newton, the third straight quarterback taken first overall. "It's a great feeling to be a Carolina Panther."

Texas A linebacker Von Miller, who is suing the league, was the second pick, selected by Denver. Miller, a plaintiff in the antitrust lawsuit players filed to block the lockout, strode across the stage with tears in his eyes and hugged Goodell.

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"I didn't have a clue about what would happen," Miller said, referring to winding up with the Broncos.

Buffalo selected Alabama nose tackle Marcell Dareus, who gave Goodell an even bigger hug. Of course, Dareus weighs 308 pounds, about 70 more than Miller and at least 100 more than Goodell.

Arizona, also in need of a quarterback, selected the top cornerback available, Patrick Peterson of LSU.

The labor strife caused speculation not many trades would be made Thursday. But just six picks in, Atlanta cut a deal with Cleveland and moved up from No. 27 to grab Alabama receiver Julio Jones the fifth Southeastern Conference player in the first six.

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