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Aggregate dosing machine has several working principles

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Concrete batching plant transmits stone, sand, aggregate and other material to mixer by using belt conveyor and screw conveyor. Concrete batching plant uses batching machine to set the mixture ratio and charge mixture automatically according to the proportion. The mixer stirs the material and produces concrete, and concrete is widely used on construction sites, roads, bridges and other projects.

PLD series aggregate dosing machine is a kind of batching machine which is used on the front desk and is used with mixer together. PLD machine can automatically finish the batching procedures of 3-6 kinds of materials, such as sand, stone, cement, according to the concrete matching requirements. PLD concrete batching machine is suitable to different working places. It is composed of storage hopper, weighing system, feeding system and electric control system.

Batching machine has "spread-eagle" shaped and "joint" shaped structure. The feeding method of batching machine has pneumatic valve and belt conveyor.

PLD series batching machine of Pioneer Machinery is featured by rich structure form, flexible combination method, high weighing precision, simple operation and high degree of automation. PLD series concrete batching machine adopt electronic weighing, computer control, digital display, wired remote control operation.

Pioneer designs and manufactures PLD series concrete batching machine, and the weighing is fast and accurate. The body of batching machine can adopt split structure arrangement, which is convenient to feed various kinds of materials. It can automatically complete various materials proportion.

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