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How to buy stable and reliable concrete mixer

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When we buy things, all of us will shop around to find the best product which has good quality with a cheaper price. It is all the same to buy concrete mixers. However, nowadays the price of concrete mixers varieties evenly. For the same type of concrete mixers manufactured by different companies.

1. Different kinds of concrete mixers has varied concrete capacity. Buy concrete mixer according to the scale of construction site. To produce concrete with homogeneity, you should choose a suitable kind ofconcrete mixer, pay attention to the feeding order, mixing duration and mixing power.

2. Give comprehensive consideration to the price and performance ration of concrete mixer. You have to measure the pros and cons of buying one concrete mixer. Choose a concrete mixer with high quality, competitive prices and easy operation.

DASWELL small concrete mixer mainly includes series JZC series and JZM series mixers. JZC series concrete mixer is gear driving and feeds materials with anti-climbing buckets. JZM series concrete mixer is rubber roller friction driving and feeds materials with skip hopper. They mix the materials by rotating positively, and discharge by rotating reversely.

Features of small concrete mixer:Convenient to move;High productivity;Good-quality mixing;Advanced performance;Beautiful appearance;Easy to operate and maintain.

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