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Maintenance principles and procedures of concrete batching plant

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The mobile concrete batching plant is our latest design. The main characteristics of the device are: compact structure to operate and easy transportation. It adopts twin-shaft compulsory mixer, folding three-hopper burden machine. Its characteristics are unique car chassis design, multi-language Windows operating interface, electricity gas water Express plug, a high degree of automation, disassembly and convenient mobility. It′s fit for small and medium-sized projects. We can strengthen the integrated design of the series mixing station according to user′s requirements.

Professional manipulation of the concrete mixing station staff know the concrete mixing plant is composed by the concrete batching plant, the aggregate supply systems, metering systems, control systems and outer supporting equipment. Each of which we should all do daily care and maintenance.

1, each class check the shaft seal chamber, distributor, import, export and seal pipe flow, whether covered with grease all lubrication points and deceleration box whether there is sufficient lubricant (grease).

2, Class observation electric lubrication pump oil storage barrel oil is used up, close to exhausted to promptly fill the promised oil-free run.

3, each class work shift is necessary to fully clean up the inside and outside of the mixing tube, the accumulation of material of the discharge gate, etc., washed with water, erosion is not a net bonding material to chisel out on schedule.

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