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Oracle ClusterWare安装异常

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Question 1:
  安装Oracle Clusterware时报错The specified nodes are not clusterable. 查询Oracle metalink报告,Linux下异常原因有3项,容易引起如上异常.

1. ssh is not setup correctly, eg: it prompts for password or key or has extra message printed due to /etc/issue or /etc/motd setting
2. ssh is not in the path. The one it uses is: /usr/local/bin/ssh
3. ssh is only configed from a  node to the other, not for a node to itself.

For Windows:

Network is not setup correctly.
我的OS平台为Linux 第一项ssh RAC各节点ssh互连信任没问题.
检查第2项,/usr/local/bin/ssh不存在,故也不会存在于path下. /usr/bin/ssh /usr/local/bin/ssh后,我的异常解决.Oracle ClusterWare安装,后续报异常,可根据如上,Metalink上提供的3项进行检查.操作步骤如下.


For cause 1:

1. Setup ssh based on Note 300548.1 or follow the Installation Guide
2. Rename /etc/issue or /etc/motd, or touch a file named '.hushlogin' under oracle user $HOME directory, this will suppress the display of /etc/motd messages.
3. Test the connection:
    ssh date
    It should only return "date" without any extra information. On each node, please test above command for local node and all remote nodes.
4. Invoke the installer to continue installation
5. The files might be renamed back after the installation has been finished.

For cause 2: 
on UNIX platform, please locate the ssh (for example: /usr/bin/ssh) and create a symbolic link, eg:
ln -s /usr/bin/ssh /usr/local/bin/ssh
For cause 3: on UNIX platform, please config ssh on all nodes properly per Installation Guide
Make sure to test ssh from each node to itself for all the nodes.

From node1 do : ssh node1 date;
From node2 do : ssh node2 date;

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