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Operation and Repair of Jaw Crusher Blocking Up

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When crushing materials blocking, there are some basic requirements for crusher operation.For example the jaw crusher, if customer need crushing the sulfide ore, because of the inclusions like mud and the other mixture material may exist inside of the raw material, or temperature of the material being too high, resulting in the material in crushing process too viscous, thereby causing clogging of the crushing chamber. So, before crushing materials must be to ensure the dryness of the material, but also to ensure that the material have not too much mixture. Same time to strengthen the jaw crusher plate life proceed from the design, material selection, assembly, use process improvement, it will strengthen the broken jaw crusher plate life very well, thereby enhancing the jaw mobile crusher production efficiency, reduce production and jaw crusher repair costs.

In order to prevent the material blocking of jaw crusher, Daswell engineers summed up the reasons of the occurrence of this problem and to develop a reasonable solution:the use of sound and light indicator instructions feeding.Since the use got a good evaluation.Installed bells and flashing lights in the jaw crusher feed mouth.The bells began to ring when the conveyor electric current exceeds the set current value; if other devices in the equipment package there is a problem, then the conveyor electric current is zero, bells and flashing lights will have the appropriate prompt also. Workers prompted by the bell and stop feeding, so you can easily prevent the phenomenon of blocking material. This method is simple, easy to operate, low cost, and can greatly reduce the labor intensity and improve the production of the jaw crusher.

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