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Discussion on Types of Cone Crusher

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This is a new type of cone crusher, adopting the whole hydraulic operation, is easy to operate. Owing to the use of better crushing frequency and eccentric distance, the percentage of fine graininess is much higher, and the content rate of the granularity smaller than the discharge opening on closing edge may reach 80%.As a result of handling capacity of following operating procedures is highly improved, and the comprehensive energy consumption lowered.

While cone crusher is working, the rotation of motor winds one regular place and fastens sports of putting by belt pulley or shaft coupling, drive shaft and cone being under the compelling movement, and then make the broken taper's broken wall close and leave the firm white wall surface sometimes, make ore assault constantly broken, pinch and crooked function and then to make ore broken.

When there are nobreak matters or overloads for a certain reason, spring insurance system will be used by itself, the arrange ore mouth will be increase, unusual matter will be discharged from broken, if unusual matter block, The Cone Crusher also can use system of clears, make the arrange ore increase constantly, and then make the unusual matter out. Under the function of the spring, the arrange ore mouth will reset automatically, the machine resumes normal. The cone crusher has three types of rough, moderate and fine, you can choose to purchase according to your requirement. For the types of cone crusher, Daswell can supply symons cone crusher, spring cone crusher and hydraulic cone crusher.

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