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Special Application and Advantages of Hammer Crusher

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It is well known that the ring hammer crusher produced by Daswell is very suitable for crushing all kinds of medium-hard brittle materials like blast furnace slag, and what is more, this machine can adjust the gap of the grid section according to the requirement of the customers so as to change the granularity of the discharging materials, thus satisfying the requirements of materials with different purposes. In addition, the ring hammer crusher can be used for crushing fiber structure, elastic and tough broken wood and paper and for crushing the wastes of the asbestos cement in order to collect the asbestos fiber.

The application scope of hammer crusher machine: it is widely applied to crush stone, brick that compression strength is not more than 200MPa. For the convenience of the user, Daswell provides a variety of non-metallic mineral deep processing and utilization of technology free of charge, and provided free sets of mill production line system design and site layout.

Heavy hammer crusher is the new type crusher based on PC series crusher and according to the users’ feedback as well as the crushing industry developments, combined with my company stone crushing test base of experimental data. The new hammer crusher sometimes can replace jaw crushing plant and only once broken can basically achieve the stone needs, reducing the investment for the stone processing enterprises.

The hammer mill crusher is a kind of crushing equipments, and is advanced equipment in hammer crusher series of technical industry, the use of advanced production technology, first feeding, forming, high efficiency, and energy saving characteristics. Daswell new hammer crusher has been technologically improved; the crusher hammer made of compound bi-metallic and greatly enhances the wear resistance and toughness, to save the cost of replacement parts for customers, also to avoid the loss of production caused by downtime for maintenance.

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