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The Development of New Generation Sand Making Machine

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The new type sand making machine from Daswell, replacing the traditional manufacturing process, has become the indispensable aggregate equipment in gravel aggregate equipment. Motivated by the infrastructure construction boom, we have strengthened the management on technology upgrading, quality improvement and stable performance which can develop forward automation and intelligence and opened a new road for the production of gravel aggregate in order to meet the extensive needs of market. China’s economic development is rapid, enterprises across the country rais a high tide of construction. The sand making machinery is indispensable in the building raw material processing and is the dominant force of the production of raw materials. The third generation sand making machine manufactured by Daswell is playing a significant position and role in the development of construction industry and becomes the mainstay of the fast development of the economy.

Sand making machine in the construction industry in China occupies a very important position and plays a vital role in the development, which becomes the pillar industry of national economy to create benefits. According to the investigation and analysis, at present, sand maker is one of the pillar of mining machinery products, and meets national economic development”s need in terms of energy and raw materials. Throughout the social development direction, sand maker industry has a good development trend, and it has become a traditional and new business field. Daswell has accumulated years of production experience, creating many generations of sand maker, from PCL series sand maker to VSI series of sand maker.

With effective sand extraction system, the equipment now has become the core equipment of producing the mechanism sand. At present, with China”s rapid economic development, sand maker has more broad market space, so as to push the implementation of the strategy of sustainable development. Daswell will keep up with the trend of the ore mining, and continue to produce high quality crusher, strive for in the crusher market, and finally create its own brand. Combination of various processes not only ensures the scale of production, but also ensures the quality of the sand. Mining machine mainly include ball mill, hammer crusher and cement mill, etc.

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