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SAP APP: Automatic Payment Program

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SAP APP : Automatic payment program steps for SAP FICO system are


  • Setting up payment method per country
  • Setting up payment method for company code
  • Setting up all company codes
  • Bank determination
  • Assign payment methods for vendor account

The process for SAP APP are:

  • Parameters- F110: System identify given payment run by date and identification. It is unique combination for the given payment. In the parameters field, give the company codes for which you want to run Automatic payment. Give payment method based on your payment method. For example, for check payment C and for wire transfer its T.Give next payment date. ( Why next payment date? : So it will consider all the transactions till that date for the payment run. ). We can also restrict the selection by document types, customer master and vendor master record in free selection tab. Maintain log for the proposal in additional log tab. Save printer information in printout/data medium and save the parameters. It shows the status of parameters in status tab.
  • Proposal Run- F110: There is a tab Proposal on the top in F110 when you select status tab. Click proposal and gives starting date and time or start immediately. It will show proposal in some time. Proposal list can be seen through proposal log tab. We can see the proposal list in edit–> proposal –> proposal list. Also we can edit the proposal if needed.
  • Payment Run-F110: Run the payment run by hitting payment run tab. we can set up time to run it in SAP FICO system. System will show all the payments done in tab edit –> payment–> payment list
  • Print check: Once we run the printout, SAP FICO system will go ahead and print out all the checks and create documents for banks.  RFFOUS_C is the program for check printing.

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