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Miss wait into the sea

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Miss wait into the sea
The quiet time, I stay in the years of tuyere, buried under a grain of miss seeds. Always naive to think that as long as the time is always on the go, will be able to discard the thoughts of debt. But I do not know when the time of the wind blew away the sail, the end is the thoughts of heart.
Most of the time will always be rather baffling irritability, once the song you like to listen to most is not quietly from the beginning to hear the outcome. Missing is like a cup of cold coffee, no fragrance, only bitterness.
Like sitting in the outskirts of the bus, sit near the window, looking out of the window of the tree rows of receding, only such scenarios is realized in the fingers slowly flowing time. Mind kept flashing past the screen, it was sour at the moment heart also a burst of feeling. Black night, see in the sky fireworks, always unconsciously associate, who in this time will miss the lamp lit. china trademark registration Fireworks life only this busy now, glorious fall after the sky, only a little fire and darkness.
Memory of the time seemed vaguely flowing Gardenia fragrance, remain in the memory temperature tell myself still hasn't forgotten your palm fragrance. Breeze swaying, see the fallen leaves, see evidence of people's distress everywhere, again also cannot find you the hair, who can unlock the Acacia complex? When the season finally a flower perishes, only the yellow leaves falling in the wind, one day it will be blown away by a gust of wind, blowing into the soil. No one will in my thoughts to you I say, I think your voice, will like this, can only hide memory can live without care, not to imagine will go all lengths.
Who will be in the sky and I to look, to see the stars, light dependent, and then tell all about your quiet, I know you always stop in the past, parked in my mind. I am timid don't have the courage to the Acacia sustenance,Singapore Company Formation but also could not bear to throw away. Years such as the moonlight dim, crystal clear, a quiet song, became my Acacia sustenance. At the end of autumn leaves from the trees in fall, my heart is faint trace strands of pain.
Just in time is not long enough, the end can not accompany you to the old age: dependent is commitment too good, eventually not abide to complete. Everything is doomed, cloud water, when the incident., always indulge in your time, silent, not say it does not mean do not want to, do not contact also does not forget, just choose silence, I have always been so topple the mountains and overturn the seas.
The sky fireworks, lonely who waiting; retrogression scenery, and who cares;hong kong company formation time went by., look up at the starry sky, can still remember the young dream Xu in which a constellation.
Miss flower, as strong summer flowers, miss like a dream, like the one dream. Who put the time cut the fireworks, bloom in the sky, who will love it into tears, blurred vision, who will miss the point into the sunset, yellow in the world.
Time is well, give me a moment, I will put the missing watch into the sea.

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