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Hongkong company registration procedures

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Hongkong company registration procedures
Consultation and assessment of the company structure, and set up a branch to collect the necessary documents
Our service commission signed letters of appointment, confirmation request we established Hongkong branch
To set up the necessary documents Hongkong branch
Submit the original and signed on behalf of the customer to pay all the costs of the establishment of the Hongkong branch of government to government departments
The whole process monitoring, copyright registration and keep the customers get any news about the update
Business registration certificate from the Hongkong Tax Bureau
For the seal of the company
The file is sent to the client
The advantages of Hongkong branch of the Hongkong branch of the advantages
Company is a legal entity a legally registered in Hongkong.
Consistent with the overseas parent company image.
Hongkong branch of the Hongkong branch of the disadvantages disadvantages
The overseas parent company responsible for all legal responsibilities and liabilities.
Originated from Hongkong branch profits IPO in hong kong can be imposed on the overseas tax.
Basic requirements
Oversea company registration certificate, the memorandum and articles of association and relevant legal documents, and verify the copy or equivalent documents.
The details and duties of each director and secretary.
Living in Hongkong authorized representative list,hong kong company formation so that the communication with.
If it is a listing Corporation, the company shall submit a copy of the most recent financial statements certified copy.
Treatment time
About 1-2 weeks

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