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Hong Kong – a Diversified Investment Market, Suitable for Enterprises Listed

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Hong Kong – a Diversified Investment Market, Suitable for Enterprises Listed

After experienced more than one cycle of the Asian financial crisis, the global technology bubble, the subprime crisis, the overall of Hong Kong market has been more mature and rational as well as the market investors. The global liquidity of the Hong Kong market funds is not restricted, and closely related to the international market. Therefore, taking Hong Kong market as a first station of corporate global expansion would be a wise choice.

According to statistics showed that HK Ex IPO funds raised has ranked the top of the world for three consecutive years, and the tendency of 2012 listed applicants will continues to remain strong. There are a total of 115 copies of listing applications is under pending or has been approved, waiting for listing on the HK Ex by January 1, 2012.

According to economic analysts pointed out that the Hong Kong market's price-earnings ratio is higher than the most of international markets, which was the main reason for the trend for international listed behind the Hong Kong market. Active trading in the Hong Kong market as well as its depth is the preferred international listed center for those firms intending to raise capital and also closely related with the Hong Kong market of "China concept". BOC Hong Kong's report pointed out that "China concept" has promoted the diversification of the Hong Kong-listed resources. Enterprises around the world select a listed in Hong Kong With the advantage of the international capital markets of Hong Kong as well as mainland China and its prospects of demand growth.

At present, Hong Kong has formed a fully equipped financial operating system, including financial operations of the banking system, foreign exchange market, money market, stock market, debt market, gold and silver trading, insurance and investment management system, to provide comprehensive protection for the smooth flow of capital and value-added. According to the nature of the business, Hong Kong's financial markets can be divided into short-term capital market and long-term capital market, foreign exchange market and gold market. Diversified investment market is very suitable for different types of companies to achieve IPO in Hong Kong.

Short-term funding markets, including banks and deposit and loan business of finance companies, its biggest feature is the increasing overseas business volume, and also a significant increase in the transfer of funds between the numbers of overseas counterparts. The long-term funding markets include the stock market, bond market and syndicated loans. Foreign exchange market has been developing rapidly since the abolition of exchange controls in Hong Kong and the Hong Kong dollar on 1974 floating, with free transaction between HKD and U.S. dollar, between U.S. dollar and other currencies. Hong Kong gold market can be divided into the traditional Gold and Silver Exchange and the gold market and gold futures market operated by the London way.

Among them, the sound development of foreign exchange market in Hong Kong with actively traded occupies an important position in the global foreign exchange market. You can carry out 24 hours foreign exchange trading in Hong Kong with the rest of the world, so the foreign exchange market is very prosperous. The data shows that the turnover of the Hong Kong foreign exchange market is the seventh in the world. Strong force of development is an important reason for Hong Kong's capital market widely accepted.

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