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Acquaintance, not allowed

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Acquaintance, not allowed
Five hundred years of practice, in exchange for a time you met, that familiar look, I remember, is your past life at last in my memory.
The previous encounter, only because the practice is not enough, you hurriedly rub shoulders with me, you leave the eyes, holding my heart, wandering in the ocean of thoughts. I aimless travel, for you to go. Day after day, year after year, missing tears bitter speckled sky. I do not know you, whether also similar to me, Miss moderate day?
This life, I stand lake, overlooking the distant horizon, looking forward to, as is, you come to me.
You come, you like a piece of red leaves falling gently, my heart lake. macau company registry You bring infinite tenderness, swing out endless ripples in my heart lake. You are gorgeous, reflected my heart lake resplendent with variegated coloration.
You come, you like a snowflake, falling in the winter. You come to my mind are pure, your white no time, merged into a spring in my mind, arouse my heart infinite tenderness into drops of ink, the ink, flowing in my heart, jumping on my keyboard, jumping into a text, the text, full of is I to your love.
You come, you turned into a gentle wind quietly blown open my heart. You will be a seed blown my heart. You say: the seed is my love, it will grow in your heart, in this spring quietly shade; then, bud, open a beautiful flower.
You come, you into the intermittent rain, sprinkle in the summer. The hot season, company registration hong kong the fiery land, there are hot feelings that you need to nourish. Summer, is a growing season. You say: I love you also in this season expansion, merged into a world of waters.
You come, you in that month Lang star Shu in the night, you're the slightest Silverlit, through my window, falling in my room. You touch my face, into my dream. Sleep, your gentle, lingering I delude one to folly. You whisper in my ear: pro, this is the temple of love, this is your one's whole life gentle township. When I woke up, sweet in the heart wound, lost in my mind, you hurt my heart.
You come, you as a poppy, rubbed my feelings, your frequency smile, every word and action, hong kong company formation let I yiluanqingmi. I know, poppy flower fragrance toxic, but I also persistent sleeping in the fragrance.
I met you is a mistake, but I let them. Because I can not give up your face, your warmth, your graceful posture. You, in my heart is so perfect, all of you all, let me take a wrong in the end.
You come, you just quietly come.
You have come too late, missed my youth, I also miss the rainy season.
Although you gentle, gentle like sunshine in autumn. Can wind merciless, old my face.
You have come too late, my world is sundowners. The setting sun, although the road to emit color light before the night was out, but the color light, can not retain youth.

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