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Thank time let me meet you

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Thank time let me meet you
"The future of our young people is just a trap, I imagined future now in retrospect seem so childish and ridiculous. Even with little grey bloom! People can change, become do not know myself, and this process is just ten years. This ten years, placed too much imagination, love and hate, bitter, regret, nostalgia, memories...... Even the pain!"
In ten years, is a period of experience, ten years, is a period in the past, ten years, is a section of memory. Looking back, ten years is only pronto. Youth is drifting further and further away, ten years, I have become no longer I know yourself, and you, also has become no longer at the outset that you. A section of feelings, insist on for so long, maybe not in love with you now, just at the beginning of that kind of feeling.
Time passes very quickly. Time flies like a shuttle., time is like water,international trademark registration hurried past, fingertips, about your memory, for ten years. Eason Chan's song "ten years", every time I listen to every feeling. Jin fleeting, silent years has changed me and you. This ten years, feelings for you, I don't know how to say. A stubborn, began with a stick, gradually, no longer insist, just go with the flow.
You see the world love really nothing, a lifetime may not so long, and I may not love you so long. Ten years ago, in the small town, the first time when I saw you, I fell in love with you, and I am ready to so love you a lifetime. But as time goes on, this feeling, I don't know what will become of. About you, your business, your memories, I have in mind, perhaps only then a feeling. Perhaps really together, there is no imagination in of fine, so, with the "get I hope, and lost my life" mentality.
Some people, is doomed not to, then insist on is of no significance. trademark registration in chinaTime is like the song, ten years after you, after ten years of me...... Scattered in the leaves, the sun through the autumn of soft. Thinking it over time, quietly changed. I sing the song. Turn a head to see you smile the moment, walking through the place, watching the scenery, so impressed, so don't give up. No matter the ending is how bitter, memories are always full of joy, this is enough.
The wind rolled up leaves, similar to the flashy preach, occasionally lost direction, do not regret the choice. Just stared straight ahead.
Ten years, perhaps say long is not long, say short not short. But each person's life, hong kong company formation and the number of ten years. Perhaps, this crazy ten years, those who grow crazy feeling, also slowly light down here. Time will erode all, gradually faded, far away. I don't know whether there is eternal, if there is, I believe that the original feeling, maybe is a kind of eternal.
The vast sea of humanity, we are all the time the sea waves roll, with each other, is a kind of fate. Thank you for the time, let me meet you, I know, no matter how far, I will not forget you, because you already engraved in my heart.

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