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Scrappy Project Management Checklist

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Be completely and unrepentantly obsessed with 'CUSTOMER'

Provide shared, measurable, challenging & achievable 'GOALS' as clear as sunlight

Engage in effective, vociferous and unrelenting COMMUNICATION with all stakeholders

Ensure that ROLES & REPONSIBILITIES unmistakely understood and agreed upon by all

Create viable PLANS & SCHEDULES to enjoy the team's hearty commitment.

Mitigate big, hairy RISKS and implment innovative ACCELERATORS

Prioritize ruthlessly, choosing between heart, lungs & kidneys if necessary.

Anticipate and accomodate necessary and inevitable CHANGE

Challenge ASSUMPTIONS & BELIEFS, especially insidious self-imposed limitations.

Manage EXPECTATIONS of all stakeholders: under-promise & over-delivery

LEARN from experience. Make new and more exciting mistakes each time!

ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE. CELEBRATE project success ... and some failures, too!

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