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What Do You Do With Mistakes

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I always want to be a great manager. I don't know, since when, that I want perfection. It has been bothering me all the time. Given I am afraid of making mistakes, I am getting nicer and nicer to others to try to earn their trust and respect. Most importantly, a yes to my behavior.

A recent issue regarding bringing in a unstable resource was the last stoke. I told myself that I wasn't cut off for this. In addition, it got me thinking whether or not it's the right call to fight to be a manager. Nevertheless, I figured out that it's just a temporary setback for my career. In a word, I know I will be a manager and I believe that I will.

Hereby, I talked the situation with my manager about the situation and the action of getting a backup resource in another office just in case.

This is very good for me to realize that every manager has his strengths and weaknesses. What he can do is to get the best of the strengths and don't care that much about the weaknesses.

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