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Tough Journey to Management

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I pretty much had a good luck to be in the position right now - Project Manager title. In the past several months, I considered myself as a Project Manager as well - a professional one who is knowledgable with resource management. Actually, it turned out that I was still a rookie when it comes to management.

My wife used to tell me that I am too nice to the team members which we also recognized it as a good trait. As a matter of fact, it is a good personality that I am always proud of having. However, when managing, it can be a really bad one because you have to be tough if someone's behavior. gets in the way of him achieving excellence.

Let's take John as an example. Overall, he is good in communication and helping others who have lower grade than him. While, he is fine when communicating upward as well. On the other hand, he has trouble of achieving excellence of architecture/design which is his best interests. He was always satisfied with the OK approaches/designs. Although, his major is not Computer Science, I couldn't hold a very high standard for him. However, I have to be tough which is the only way that he can excellent in what he interested the most one day in the future. At the moment, nice is not the solution. I have to be tough and professional to reason with him in order to bring him back. While, although unpleasant, it worked at least for now.

This got me into thinking about how to become a real professional manager - the director the movie. This can be the best description of the manager role - you are always in the center of the stage however not on the big screen or the TV set. You realize the unique talent of everyone and put him in the best role. Now you have your own Titanic!

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